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Natural supplements are products created with the goal of increasing the body’s defenses, to support it in fighting seasonal illnesses and to help the body to function at its best.

By taking natural supplements, the whole body obtains wellbeing in particular the immune system and our health in general. These natural supplements come in capsules and tablets. Our trustworthy staff are available to advise you.
Food supplements and fortified sports foods are becoming increasingly used and at our pharmacy we offer a complete and varied range in convenient forms: capsules, tablets, liquids, bars.

In our food supplements department you can find the right product for you from our range of supplements useful for reinstating all the nutrients that the body has used up during sports activities, or in general during daily physical activity.


At our pharmacy you will find:

slimming supplements

vitamin supplements

natural remedies

homeopathic remedies

phytotherapeutic remedies

floritherapy products

natural cosmetics

products for infants


veterinary medications

orthopaedic products

slimming supplements veterinary medications homeopathic remedies


Farmacia Fertilia provides:

self-testing assistance
pharmaceutical care
galenical laboratory
cosmetics laboratory
experts in homeopathy
experts in phytotherapy
experts in floritherapy
experts in natural health
advice on specialized foodstuffs
recommendations for every need…..

experts in phytotherapy experts in phytotherapy self-testing assistance

Natural Supplements – Phytotherapy products

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