Galenical Laboratory a Alghero (Sassari)

Galenical preparations

Galenical preparations Alghero
Our staff - in the modern Galenical Laboratory of the pharmacy – we work with galenical preparations according to the instructions of the doctor. Typically, a doctor makes use of a medicine prepared in a pharmacy when the dosage of components needs to vary over time, when a preparation must be accomplished in a manner designed around the needs of the patient and in all cases where the drug industry fails to fully fulfil a therapeutic requirement.

For galenical preparations, the Farmacia Fertilia in Alghero can take care of everybody’s needs.

Galenical medicines

Galenical preparations are medications and medicinal remedies prepared using various basic substances. These preparations are made by the pharmacist in the laboratory.

The term originates from Galen, an ancient Greek doctor who lived between the second and third century AD, who popularized the practice of composing remedies using medicinal herbs or their extracts. Our pharmacists carry on this ancient and noble practice.