Health is our priority

At the base of our work we put a slogan, clear and precise: Health is our priority. Your health is important to us, and in all the activities and projects of the pharmacy we always have this priority in mind, with the aim of helping you improve your quality of life.

Personal fulfilment contributes to physical and mental wellbeing - this is an experienced truth. Begin to clearly define your goals, identify your motivations to reach them, and above all trust yourself to your abilities (which are many more than those you seize).

"The life you want is the only one you will have"

Giovanna Giuffredi


A blocked nose, a pitfall for the little ones

The tiny nasal cavities of a small child, of a baby, can get blocked very easily - and babies aren't able to release them on their own by blowing their nose.

It is therefore essential to provide for nasal washing, which cleans the mucus and removes allergenic substances and infectious agents.

Your child safe within the walls of your home

Various precautions must be followed to ensure that a child does not run risks (such as suffocation, poisoning, falls, burns, electrocution, drowning...) and does not incur injuries, which at that age are far from infrequent.

Children, holidays, security

When going on holiday, remember that children are the most exposed to the risks and discomforts which can result from heat, insects, infectious diseases and so on. 

Some precautions are needed to protect them or minimise risks.

Lice: let's keep them away from their hair

Statistics tell us that in schools, out of every ten people, one is infested with lice. 

But to prevent this inconvenience or to get rid of these annoying insects is simple: we must intervene, in a rational and resolute way, without hiding the problem, which must not create any embarrassment.


A healthier pregnancy, thanks to an appropriate diet 

The diet of pregnant women must be correct and balanced: this is fundamental for the correct development of the fetus. Furthermore, the needs of the diet vary with the stages of gestation.

Breastfeeding: beneficial for mother and baby

In breast milk the baby finds food substances which are not present in artificial substitutes. It is therefore useful to prolong breastfeeding for up to 30 months, which entails benefits for the mother, both in the short and long term.

Caesarean section: only when really needed

A birth is a natural event, and the unhealthy tendency to turn it into a surgical procedure must not be supported. In many cases today, especially in our country, we intervene with a caesarean section without a real health reason. Some elements of judgement should be kept in mind. 

Caesarean delivery is no safer than natural childbirth

In the absence of clinical situations which justify a caesarean section, it cannot be said that this way of giving birth is safer than the vaginal way, for the health of the mother and the new-born. On the contrary, various studies suggest it is more dangerous. It must be remembered that caesarean section is a real surgical intervention, and you must resort to it only in case of actual medical necessity, when the benefits are superior to the potential risks which it involves anyway.


Protect your skin

Ultraviolet radiation can cause skin damage which lasts for life. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to protect the skin, using precautions which take into account the intensity of these rays and the specific needs of the type of complexion.

Only positive effects of the sun

Solar exposure is good, produces positive effects, but we must avoid the dangerous effects of ultraviolet rays. From this, it is necessary to choose times and durations of stay, in the sun as well as to apply products which filter radiation.

Correct photo exposure: some partnerships

• Protect children's skin 
• Avoid exposure to the sun in the central hours (12 -16).
• Wear sunglasses and a sunhat
• Minimise the use of tanning lamps
• Avoid sun exposure during pregnancy
• Avoid sun exposure if you are using photosensitising drugs or cosmetics.
• Always apply sun cream (anti UVB + anti UVA), approximately every 2 hours and after each bath.



It is always important to keep blood glucose levels within normal limits.

This also to avoid serious consequences, which can range from kidney failure to blindness and infarction.


What is commonly referred to as urinary incontinence, namely bladder weakness, is the condition for which involuntary bladder losses occur.

If you have this problem, a specialist visit is recommended.


Insomnia, or sleep deprivation, can have negative consequences for the body's health. To avoid this it is advisable to maintain healthy habits, and in specific cases a specific therapy is also required.


Snoring is caused by partial obstruction of the respiratory tract during sleep, obstruction caused by relaxation of the throat, mouth and nose muscles. Snoring, when it is frequent, can compromise the quality of life and health.


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