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These herbal and homeopathic remedies are all natural and can be used without difficulty
A wide range of natural cosmetic products are available to customers of the pharmacy!

Farmacia Sigurani

The Farmacia Fertilia, Alghero comes from a long family tradition of pharmacists – the Sigurani family, pharmacists since 1914.

We offer pharmaceutical assistance and we carry out a pharmaceutical service for both human and veterinary use. We also specialize in natural health, we are experts in homeopathy, phytotherapy and floritherapy.

We have a galenical laboratory and a cosmetics laboratory at our disposal from which we provide a wide range of services and products.

We are open in August. We look forward to seeing you!

Galenical Laboratory Alghero

Galenical Laboratory

In our pharmacy’s Galenical Laboratory we make galenical preparations that are used to provide medicines and medicinal remedies according to the instructions of your doctor.
Orthopedic items farmacia Alghero

Orthopedic items

Our pharmacy offers a wide range of orthopedic and sanitary items, providing solutions for many needs. The orthopedic items in particular provide the user with adequate support for their specific needs (e.g. after an injury).
Pharmaceuticals Alghero


Providing medicines for human and veterinary medicine, we have an assorted range of pharmaceutical products.
Self-testing assistance Alghero

Self-testing assistance

Among the services available in the pharmacy is that of self-testing. The self-testing of blood provides useful information for monitoring and maintaining health and well-being.

Pharmacy Natura

The pharmacy  products and services dedicated to meeting the needs of health and wellbeing.

 The pharmacy fertilia is specializes in medicinal plants, supplements, phytopharmaceuticals, homeopathic products and specialized foodstuffs.

These days, health should be understood as the general psychophysical wellbeing of the person and this requires customized solutions, capable of integrating drugs and natural remedies to ensure the best results.

At our pharmacy we provide advice and products to enable you to pursue your own path to natural health!

Phytotherapy farmacia Alghero


Phytotherapy is increasingly used to contribute towards safeguarding psychophysical well-being and preventing various ailments. Our pharmacists recommend the most appropriate treatment according to the needs of the individual.
 Cosmetics Alghero


We have a cosmetic laboratory at our disposal and we provide a well-stocked cosmetics department (even organic cosmetics). Moisturizers, face and body creams, natural and organic cosmetics, perfumes ...
Childcare Alghero


In the childcare department of pharmacy we have baby foods and baby equipment, everything that is needed to ensure the best growth of your child. We only choose the best, safest and most reliable brands.
Veterinary articles

Veterinary articles

We are also a veterinary pharmacy, we provide prescription and over the counter medicines, a wide range of animal products and solutions for hygiene and animal care.